Want to build the ultimate sustainable home?

The benefits of building with SIPS

  • Energy Efficiency – save on your energy bills
  • Air-tightness – close to zero air leakage
  • Superior Insulation – available in a range of high R-values which exceed New Zealand Building Code performance standards
  • Strength & Durability – providing much greater bracing capacity than standard timber framing
  • Faster Installation – erected in hours not days
  • Seismic Resistance – able to flex during earthquakes reduces impact and potential damage
  • Sustainability – less construction waste and fully recyclable

A little history!

In the 1930’s and 40’s, well known American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was experimenting with sandwich-panel technology in Usonian houses.  These simplistic homes using layered plywood were the beginning of Structural Insulation Panel (SIPS) technology that was fully developed in 1952 by Alden B Dow, one of Wrights students.  Dow combined structural sheathing with a foam insulation core to create what we now know as SIPS panels

More and more design professionals, builders and authorities are using SIPs to achieve Passive House standards – standards we believe all New Zealanders deserve.

Nick Hubbard – General Manager, Formance

“They have a really good structure and the fact they are air tight is a real bonus. There’s no air in the walls, no condensation, so no mould growth. This is important for the health of New Zealand children.”

Anne Salmond,
Registered Architect

Formance and Mike Craig Builders

Building a new home is so much more than erecting four walls and a roof – you need passion to bring a product to market which sees both client and builder proud of their new home.

Our passion for energy efficient homes comes from our clients feedback once they’ve lived in them. 

We  see our Formance partnership as continuing the building evolution.  With more and more clients looking for healthy homes and savings for whole of life including power, (even on internal wear and tear from less heat/cold fluctuations), SIPS by Formance are a great option.

Just think, your heating bills could be under $150 per year with the right design!